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The purpose of this study is to examine the information sources, attitudes, and opinions, relevant to the selection process, of the 1975-76 entering students at South Dakota State University to discover what reasons students give for selecting SDSU. It is the hope that this study will reveal important information about the students of South Dakota State University, their attitudes, opinions, and sources of information concerning why they attend. This information is sought so those officials in decision making positions can have a better informational base from which to make important judgements affecting the institution and its component parts. Specifically the study is designed to provide information which will hopefully assist those segments of the university vested with the decisions and responsibilities of enrollment, in better assessing their student markets so they can initiate the appropriate services and efforts required to maintain the enrollment goals of the institution. This study is conducted to add to our understanding of the dynamics of the decision process in selecting post-secondary education. The more that is known about an institution’s composition, the better able are its officials to make decisions necessary for the mutual benefit of all.

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