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The underlying aim of this thesis is to show that small scale NASA aerial photography is a valuable planning tool through which urban planners can extract the accurate land use information necessary to their planning and decision making processes. This aim will be achieved through an examination of the following points: 1. The utility of the aerial photography to urban planners possessing little photo interpretation experience or sophisticated equipment for the extraction of information. 2 The accuracy and suitability of the land use information obtained from the interpretation to the urban planning process. 3. The availability of NASA high altitude aerial photography for the majority of the SMSA’s in the United States. A positive reaction to each of these points would be a strong recommendation for the adoption of small scale photography by urban planners. It is the aim of this study, therefore, to systematically analyze small scale photography and assess its many characteristics that may be valuable to planners who desire land use information. A conclusion will be based on the merits of the photography that emerge from this investigation.

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Aerial photography in regional planning -- South Dakota --Sioux Falls

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