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Plant Pathology


This study was undertaken for several reasons. The primary reason for the study was to determine the three-dimensional shape of the viral pin wheel inclusion in order to confirm or deny the three-dimensional structures put forth by Edwardson (15), Andrews and Shalla (1); or to establish another different pin wheel inclusion three-dimensional shape yet undescribed in previous literature. A secondary reason for the study lies in the fact that if this technique described in this paper was deemed acceptable, it could be employed to determine quickly, from two-dimensional electron micrographs, the three-dimensional ultrastructural shapes of many features seen in electron micrographs. Subsequent work was also done in the field of optical studies using various photographic interpretation methods in order to possibly elucidate the fine structural patterns or connections that seem to occur in the various ultrastructural inclusion components of the cell.

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Wheat streak mosaic virus

Unltrastructure (Biology)

Plant cells and tissues -- Inclusions



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