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The subject of investigation for this study involves a segment of human relations. An understanding of the entire field of human relations is essential for justification of the finding which relate to the particular segment. The area of human relations of concern in this study involves a theory often called “participative decision making.” It is the theory which is dependent upon other closely related areas. Motivation, satisfaction and other factors which are prevalent in personal fulfillment are important things to consider in relation to the theory. Because of interdependence, one must relate research concerning participative decision making to other areas of human relations which have been explored by behavioral scientists. Communication is one means which individuals often use for personal fulfillment of psychological needs. A situation structured by organization allows management to communicate with subordinates. Subordinates, however, frequently find it difficult to communicate effectively with superiors. Human wants and needs are difficult to satisfy when communication barriers exist. This basic problems arise when upward flow of information is restricted. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that management become aware of the psychological factors which determine all human activities.

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