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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Nels H. Granholm


Objectives of this thesis were to further characterize cell surface properties of preimplantation mouse embryos. A study was conducted to determine latent effects of varying pulses of CB on early postimplantation mouse embryos by comparing their abilities to hatch, to attach and to sustain growth and differentiation of ICM and trophoblast tissue. CB treatment was begun at the 8-cell stage. Objectives of the studies involving Con A were to determine (1 ) whether agglutinability with Con A changes during compaction of 8-cell embryos, (2) if changes in numbers of binding sites parallel changes in agglutinability during preimplantation development, (3) whether embryos derived from control (+/T x +/tW32) versus experimental (+/tW32 x +/tW32) crosses show different agglutination responses, and (4) whether lethal embryos (tw32/tW32) selected on the basis of morphological criteria (Granholm and Johnson, 1978) from experimental matings (+/tW32 x +/tw32) agglutinate differently than their normal littermates (+/tW32, +/+).

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Cell membranes
Embryology -- Mammals
Mice -- Anatomy




South Dakota State University

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Biology Commons