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John Taylor


This thesis explores a type of intonation, High-Rise Terminals (HRT), which is also known by a number of other names including uptalk, upspeak, high-rise intonation, high-rising contour, recurrent rises, and Australian Questioning Intonation. The media have often latched onto this non-standard intonation characterized by a pitch rise at the end of a declarative phrase or sentence, usually seizing it as an opportunity to blame "Valley Girls" for what some listeners consider a contamination of language, even going so far as to call it a disease. This thesis offers a different perspective. Included is a discussion of phonetics (explaining what HRT is), an analysis of the possible origin(s) of HRT, current commentary regarding the use of HRT, results of the research I conducted over the last two semesters (showing South Dakota State University students' perceptions of this intonation variant), and an analysis of the variant, incorporating research dealing with gender theory.

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English language -- Intonation.
Intonation (Phonetics)


South Dakota State University



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