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Master of Science (MS)

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Biology and Microbiology

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Yang Yen


To develop a molecular understanding of wheat and stem rust pathogen (Puccinia graminis tritici) interactions during rust pathogenesis, the gene expression profiles of the near isogenic lines of stem rust resistance gene Sr25 --- cultivars LMPG-6 (susceptible) and its backcrossing progeniture Sr25/9*LMPG-6 (resistant)--- were studied using the mRNA differential display (DDRT-PCR), Southern blotting and Northern blotting techniques. Expression of two ESTs, A4 and C7, were revealed to be up-regulated in rust infected LMPG-6 and Sr25/9*LMPG-6, respectively. Northern and southern blot analysis confirmed that A4 and C7 are truly expressed gene derivatives that are from wheat and P. graminis, respectively sequences homologous to C7 exist both in wheat and rust pathogen. Based on the results of our Northern, Southern, and similarity analysis, we speculate that the cognate A4 wheat gene is related to the susceptibility of wheat to P. graminis. The cognate gene of P. graminis may function at RNA level.

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Puccinia graminis.
Wheat -- Disease and pest resistance -- Genetic aspects.
Wheat rusts.
Plant-pathogen relationships.


South Dakota State University



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