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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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James Booher


Five male wrestlers at the collegiate level were studied for 5 months over the course of the wrestling season. A urine sample, weight measurement, and reaction time and movement time data from a reaction-movement timer were all collected each time subjects reported to the laboratory, for a total of 9 times. Data collections occurred twice during preseason, 6 times during the season, and one time 2 weeks after the wrestler's last match or practice. The mean weight loss by all wrestlers from preseason until the end of the regular season was 1.92 pounds± 1.9 1, or 1.2% ± 0.017 body weight loss. These findings indicate that a loss in body weight of 1.2% is enough to create a urine specific gravity to fail the NCAA certification, but does not create significant changes in reaction time in response to light or sound, and movement time in response to light.

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Wrestling -- Physiological aspects.
Dehydration (Physiology)
Weight loss -- Physiological aspects.


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