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Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

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Christopher C. L. Chase


The production losses seen in the beef and dairy industries from respiratory and reproduction losses exceed millions of dollars per year. Producers have used USDA licensed vaccines extensively to aid in the prevention of production losses, treatment costs, and death. However, for veterinary biological companies to meet the demands of their consumers for safe and efficacious products as economically as possible, they are developing alternate uses of currently licensed vaccines. Three studies were performed IV to demonstrate additional applications for USDA licensed products. In study 1, protection against an intranasal IBR virus challenge was seen 72-96 hours after parental vaccination; in study 2, vaccination with a type 1 a BVDV vaccine provided protection against a severe type 2 challenge in weaned calves; and in study 3, fetal protection was shown after a heterologous BVDV challenge at 77 days of gestation. The results from these studies clearly demonstrated additional applications for three USDA licensed vaccines beyond label recommendations. These further clinical applications and claims can be achieved for licensed vaccines economically to identify additional prophylatic and preventive measures.

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Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis -- Vaccination.
Bovine viral diarrhea -- Vaccination.
Cattle -- Virus diseases.
Veterinary vaccines.


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