Yinong Han

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering

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A. Moutsoglou


A study was conducted to compare and assess the performance of various vacuum pumps in small and large dental clinic operations. A four-chair dental clinic operation was set up at the laboratory to simulate a small dental clinic environment. The performance of two dry and two wet pumps was assessed in the laboratory via extensive performance data acquisition tests. Data were also iv collected in two small dental clinics of practicing dentists in Brookings, SD. Large dental system performance tests were conducted at the Ellsworth Air Force Base and Minot Air Force Base dental clinics. At each clinic, data were collected with both the existent turbine pump and a RAMVAC pump. In addition to the performance test conducted, data were also collected at the university setup to document pressure losses and pressure loss coefficients for all pertinent dental treatment room hoses and fittings. In addition, pressure losses for some PVC elbows used in dental plumbing systems were measured at the laboratory. Finally, friction head losses in straight PVC piping were calculated and documented in graphical and tabular form. These calculated values were compared with measured experimental data.

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Dental instrument and apparatus -- Evaluation
Vacuum pumps -- Evaluation




South Dakota State University



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