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Industrial Management

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Duane E. Sander


This descriptive study asked participants to complete a card sort of 67 different job competencies into three equal piles: 1) Strengths, 2) Neutral Characteristics, and 3) Weaknesses. Managers were asked to identify those competencies, from the same group of 67 cards, that would be most essential for performing the responsibilities of that position. They were also asked to identify the least essential competencies for the position, thereby creating an "Expert Model" with which to match the employees' responses to. From the match that was determined between the employees' responses and the "Expert Model", the next step was to examine how closely this information related to employees' performance levels. The participants were identified by age, gender, position, level in the job, length of service, and performance rating. The results showed that there were no major differences in performance ratings between males and females as it related to age, position, and length of service. There were differences, however, in how males and females identified their strengths and weaknesses and how these responses compared to the "Expert Model." Males claimed to possess more "Strengths" to " on-essentials" for the job, whereas females said they possessed more "Strengths" to" Nice to Have's", or neutral characteristics, for the job. In addition the three groups of bankers that were surveyed did differ significantly by years of service with the organization and by "Strengths" to "Non-essentials" that they identified. It was concluded that no major differences in performance level occurred over age, gender, or length of service categories. Studies also indicated that there were no significant correlations between performance levels and the match of "Strengths" and "Weaknesses" identified by employees to "Essentials" and "Non-essentials" identified by the "Expert Model."

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