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Charlotte Mew wrote stories, essays, and poetry in the first two decades of the twentieth century. Despite attention to and acclaim of her work in its day and a recent though modest resurgent interest in it, Charlotte Mew's poetry has yet to be read fully, which includes reading it as part of a distinct female tradition of writing. In examining Mew's poetry within a female tradition of writing, this thesis discusses the purposes and the difficulties of reading any woman's writing within this tradition. As part of this discussion, a female tradition of writing is defined as writing by women that focuses on women's gender-specific experiences and that demonstrates the interrelationship of female sexuality and spirituality. By reading Mew's poetry within this tradition, her work may be more fully understood while gaining the attention it deserves.

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Mew, Charlotte Mary, 1869-1928 -- Criticism and interpretation
Feminism and literature
Sensuality in literature
Spirituality in literature




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