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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication Studies and Theatre

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Jerry D. Jorgensen


This study examined perceived student satisfaction with the televised educational system of instruction. Surveys were completed by 234 students chosen randomly from the Fundamentals of Speech course at South Dakota State University. A number of areas were evaluated including: Student Satisfaction (Walker & Hackman, 1990), Verbal and Nonverbal Immediacy (Wiener & Mehrebian, 1968), and Social Presence (Short, Williams, & Christie, 1976). Results indicate that perceived differences do exist between the "face-to-face" and "mediated" classroom with regard to student satisfaction, nonverbal immediacy and social presence. Results also indicate that instructors use of certain immediacy skills may increase_ student's perceptions of the mediated learning experience. (Sixteen tables of data are included; 85 references are attached).

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Telecommunication in higher education -- Psychological aspects
Distance education -- Psychological aspects
Teacher-student relationships




South Dakota State University



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