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Thesis - Open Access

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Suzette Burckhard


Arid regions; Climate variability; Groundwater salinity; Reno, NV; Water crisis; Water resources


Climate variability is an important subject to study. It is the change of climate over a long time, which could have a positive or negative impact on humans, soil, and wildlife. Many environments, such as arid environment could be affected by climate variability. The research goal is studying and examining climate variability in arid environment. The research includes three different studies. The first study includes reviewing and understanding of climate variability over extended time through existing studies in arid environments. In addition, this study includes knowledge about climate negative or positive impact on the environment. This study will be reviewing previous studies about climate variability in different arid regions. The second study includes analyzing climate variability in Reno, NV. This study examines precipitation and temperature in Reno, NV from 1960 to 2019. The study analyzes climate variability data over 60 years and analyzes climate events, such as temperature increase in Reno over the last decades. In addition, the study analyzes wet and dry years over the last 60 years. Moreover, the study has determined the change of rainfall amount over long period, which includes the maximum, minimum rainfall amounts, and rainfall extreme events.

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Arid regions climate.
Climatic changes.
Climatic changes -- Nevada -- Reno.
Groundwater -- Sodium content -- Nevada -- Reno.

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