Hang Yuan

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Master of Science (MS)

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Stephen Schiller


The focus of this thesis is to evaluate the absolute calibration of a Multi[1]filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (MFR-7) by comparing the measured solar irradiance to the standard solar irradiance at the top of the atmosphere. Four MFR-7s were simultaneously set up to collect actual data at Lunar Lake, Nevada from June 1 to June 4. Data processing and analysis were performed in the Physics Department at South Dakota State University (SDSU). Because of the cooperation of the weather in Nevada, the collected data produced linear Langley Plots. However, detailed analysis revealed systematic differences in the top of the atmosphere irradiance compared to the published solar spectral constants in most channels for all four units. Some channels present significant differences (channel 4(around 673.5nm) for all units and channel 3 (615.5nm) for unit 239). These results suggest errors in the absolute calibration coefficients provided by the manufacture. Uncertainties existing in other channels could be produced by either the systematic changes in the atmospheric extinction or the instrument calibration uncertainties.

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Radiometers -- Calibration -- Evaluation
Solar radiation




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