Yannong Xu

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Master of Science (MS)

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Plant Science

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J.C. Rudd


The effects of abscisic acid (ABA) on callus iv induction and differentiation in anther culture of spring wheat cultivars 2375 and Prospect were studied. ABA stimulated callus induction in 2375 at 0.1 µM, but not in Prospect. However, higher concentrations (>1 µM) inhibited callus induction in both 2375 and Prospect. Also, there were no further ABA effects on callus differentiation when transferring the induced calli to ABA-free differentiation medium. The frenquency [sic] of callus differentiation was greatly declined with increase in concentrations of ABA which was directly added to differentiation media. ABA at 1.0 µM completely inhibited plant regeneration. Most of H1 plants appeared to be similar to their parent lines, but a few (13 out of 392) Hl Prospect plants had late heading date and varied height. ABA sensitivity was expressed in the growth of shoots challenged by ABA in the root medium. The results showed 2375 is more sensitive to ABA than Prospect. This was consistent with effect of ABA on callus induction and differentiation.

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Wheat -- Physiology
Abscisic acid
Callus (Botany)




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