Paul Turman

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication Studies and Theatre

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Mike Schliessmann


This study analyzed the motion picture Hoosiers to determine how coaches communicate and implement the elements of motivation and leadership to their athletes. Hoosiers is a motion picture based on the real life story of a small town, Indiana basketball team's race for the state championship. The interactions involving the coach, THE assistant coach, and the players depict close to life coaching situations. The method of analysis used was based on information obtained from the sports psychology literature on motivation and leadership. These elements were applied to the film to determine if what is suggested the takes place is really what occurs. Situations were found and discussed for each of the styles and techniques for leadership and motivation. The analysis formulates a series of stages the coach goes through and demonstrates the importance of the communication process while coaching. The analysis also provides specific examples of many of the techniques and styles and demonstrates how Hoosiers may be used in sports psychology and organizational communication classrooms.

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Sports films -- History and criticism
Achievement motivation
Hoosiers (Motion picture)




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