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Mathematics and Statistics

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Sharon Vestal


Today, several studies detail the continuing struggle many students have with college mathematics courses at universities across the United States. The South Dakota State University Summer Jacks LeaP program is a summer bridge mathematics program aimed at improving incoming students’ mathematics success. This analysis used a mixed methods research design to examine the efficacy of the Summer Jacks LeaP program. First, we analyzed the LeaP students’ homework averages, exam 1 scores, final exam scores, and overall grade scores to determine if they were finding success in their fall semester mathematics courses. We also used hypothesis testing to compare LeaP participants to non-LeaP students to see if there was a difference in their performances. Throughout the comparison, we looked at the total percentage of D grades, F grades, or Withdrawals from a course, time spent in the LeaP program, and Math Index Scores. For the qualitative portion of the research design, we surveyed Summer Jacks LeaP participants to ask about their experience and conducted a focus group interview with a couple of former LeaP students. The survey responses were analyzed to determine if the participants found the program helpful in improving their mathematics success. From the focus group transcript, common themes emerged that helped us determine the value of the program to participants.

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Recommended MATH and STAT Course Placement Model Development Process (1).pdf (119 kB)
Recommended MATH and STAT Course Placement Model Development Process

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Transcript of Focus Group

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Survey Report

Summer 2020 Leap Outcomes.xlsx (27 kB)
Summer 2020 Outcomes

Summer 2020 Leap Data.xlsx (18 kB)
Summer 2020 Data

Summer 2019 LeaP FA19 course Outcomes.xlsx (28 kB)
Summer 2019 FA19 Course Outcomes

Summer 2019 LeaP FA19 course Outcomes - w-o 0times .xlsx (26 kB)
Summer 2019 FA19 Course Outcomes without times

Summer 2019 LeaP Data.xlsx (18 kB)
Summer 2019 Data

Summer 2019 114 Outcomes.xlsx (16 kB)
Summer 2019 114 Outcomes

FA2020 NonLeaP Outcomes .xlsx (72 kB)
FA 2020 NonLeaP Outcomes

FA2019 NonLeaP Outcomes.xlsx (80 kB)
FA 2019 NonLeaP Outcomes



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