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Nationally, South Dakota ranks second only to North Dakota in terms of potential wind-produced electric power. Estimates suggest that South Dakota has annual wind power in excess of 900 thousand megawatts, with total windy areas (those having annual winds averaging more than 14.7 mph) in the state of between 58,280 and 61,776 square miles. Despite these impressive figures, South Dakota's citizens are largely unaware of the state's wind-derived energy potential, and the skies over the state remain untapped. Education is a crucial factor in wind energy collection site (WECS) development. What is required is a better understanding of where the best winds are, and how best to integrate the power from these winds into the state's electrical networks. This siting evaluation of windy areas in the state and how they interrelate with the existing electrical infrastructure will provide many of the data that are crucial for the establishment of wind energy collection sites in South Dakota.

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