Mona Rosene

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Master of Science (MS)

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Nutrition, Food Science, and Hospitality


A randomized blinded study Involving 18 wrestlers participating In a 14-day weight reduction program was used to determine whether glutamine supplementation would maintain lean body mass (LBM) and anaerobic performance (AP). Subjects were randomly assigned to a treatment or placebo group. Body composition, body weight (BW), AP, and 24-hour urine samples were obtained at day 3, 8, and 14. LBM was determined using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry. AP was tested using an arm ergometer, which involved eight 15 second maximal bouts cranking at 0.04 kg/kg bodyweight with 20 second unloaded low intensity intervals. Nitrogen balance was calculated using 24-hour urine urea nitrogen. All subjects received 41 kcal/kg body weight and 1.5g protein/kg body weight. Caloric intakes were decreased by 25% on day 3 and an additional 25% on day 8-14. Both groups underwent a daily pre-season conditioning session and an individually monitored aerobic exercise session to increase energy expenditure. Subjects in the treatment group (n=9) received 0.35 g glutamine/kg body weight. Treatment and placebo groups both lost a significant amount of BW (mean ±SD of 1.9 ±0.6 kg &2.1 +0.6 kg respectively, both p<0.01), LBM (0.6 ±0.6 kg &0.8 ±0.8 kg respectively, both p<0.02), body fat (1.2 +0.3 kg &1.4 ±0.4 kg respectively, both p<0.01), and gained in AP (1.0 ± 1.3 Kj &2.0 ± 1.5 Kj respectively, both p<0.05). However, there were no significant differences between groups in changes in BW, LBM, body fat, or AP. The treatment group retained slightly more nitrogen than the placebo group (-1.6 ±2.2 g &-3.5± 2.2 g respectively, p = 0.09). We did not find a significant effect of glutamine supplementation on AP or LBM during a 14-day weight reduction program.

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