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Several factors are known to influence the absorption of dietary iron. The type of dietary iron consumed, what foods or supplements are consumed with dietary iron can all influence iron absorption. Understanding these factors can lead to better knowledge of what may or may not influence iron absorption. Obtaining accurate dietary data is important in nutrition research. Food frequency questionnaires can be used to estimate intake over a year time period, however, validation of a food frequency questionnaire against the 24 hour recall is essential for assessing the accuracy of the food frequency questionnaire. The following chapters of this dissertation present papers that have added to work in the field of iron nutrition. It will also add to the studies of the use of food frequency questionnaires in a rural setting. Factors associated with iron status of a Hutterite population, the contribution of tea to iron status in a rural female population and the validation of a food frequency questionnaire for assessment of calcium and bone related nutrient intake in rural populations are presented.

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