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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


In January 1994, as part of a research project at South Dakota State University, 310 thermocouples were installed in and under a slab-on-grade concrete floor. During the installation two irregularities were introduced; the thermocouple junctions were constructed from extension grade thermocouple wire and the welded thermocouple junctions were placed in direct electrical contact with soil or concrete. This thesis addresses: ( 1) the research necessary to quantify the effects of the installation irregularities, (2) the research necessary to identify the electrical interaction between a quasi-grounded thermocouple and the associated instrumentation and (3) the design and implementation of a data acquisition system to monitor the installed thermocouples. The data acquisition system has design aspects, normally unnecessary, to minimize the error introduced by the irregularities. The overall uncertainty in measurement for this system due to all major factors, including the two irregularities, is ± 1.11 °C.

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Temperature measurements -- Data processing



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South Dakota State University