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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mostafa Tazarv


Bridge Columns, Bridge Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering


Concrete bridge columns are designed to withstand earthquakes by undergoing large displacements. Current seismic bridge codes guarantee collapse prevention, but damage to concrete and longitudinal reinforcement often requires demolition of the structure. Repairable detailing and advanced bridge construction connections may be utilized in concrete bridge columns to allow for quick construction as well as replacement of damaged reinforcement after an earthquake. This detailing may be an attractive alternative to bridge owners to reduce construction and replacement costs as well as ensure the functionality of critical routes after an earthquake. Three repairable precast bridge columns with exposed longitudinal reinforcement were tested under slow cyclic loading to failure. The columns incorporated different connection details as well as differing types of fuse reinforcement, either restrained against buckling or in the form of tension only members. Novel materials such as ultrahigh performance concrete and advanced detailing mechanisms such as post-tensioning were also used to reduce damage and eliminate residual displacements. All three columns were successfully repaired after initial testing and displayed displacement capacities higher than the demand for the reference cast-in-place column. Analytical modeling was accurately able to predict the overall behavior of the three repairable columns with minor differences in overall stiffness. A tension only fuse type was also developed and allowed for sufficient column displacement while also reducing the column residual displacements.

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Bridges -- Design and construction.
Bridges -- Earthquake effects.
Earthquake resistant design.
Columns, Concrete.
Bridges -- Remodeling.
Concrete bridges -- Foundations and piers.
Precast concrete construction.
Reinforced concrete construction.
Earthquake engineering.

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