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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Jung-Han Kimn


In this work, we present a parallel method for accelerating the multi-period dynamic optimal power flow (DOPF). Our approach involves a distributed-memory parallelization of DOPF time-steps, use of a newly developed parallel primal-dual interior point method, and an iterative Krylov subspace linear solver with a block-Jacobi preconditioning scheme. The parallel primal-dual interior point method has been implemented and distributed in the open-source PETSc library and is currently available. We present the formulation of the DOPF problem, the developed primal dual interior point method solver, the parallel implementation, and results on various multi-core machines. We demonstrate the effectiveness our proposed block-Jacobi preconditioner and various Krylov subspace methods at improving parallel performance.

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Electric power systems -- Mathematical models.
Electric power distribution.
Smart power grids.

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South Dakota State University



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