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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication and Journalism

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Kathryn Coduto


doomscrolling, Facebook, relationships, social media, stalking


The affordances provided by social networking sites (SNSs) impact how different social media platforms are used. Facebook has unique affordances such as ease of use, community, information seeking, escapism, and common interests that impact Facebook use. Interpersonal electronic surveillance, categorized as doomscrolling for this study, is a behavior of continuous scrolling and consumption of negative content. Facebook affordances, paired with digital artifacts from terminated relationships, create an environment for doomscrolling (IES) behavior. Building off of the “grave-dressing” and “resurrection” stages of relational dissolution, I examined the relationships of these Facebook affordances with doomscrolling (IES) behaviors through an online survey (N = 96) conducted from a sample of college students. The results of the data set indicate several significant positive and negative relationships between different Facebook affordances and doomscrolling (IES).

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Separation (Psychology)
Interpersonal relations.
Facebook (Electronic resource) -- Social aspects.
Online social networks -- Psychological aspects.
Electronic surveillance.
Social interaction.

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