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Communication and Journalism

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Joshua Westwick


Polls have shown a decline in trust in the USA when it comes to trust in Media. This study looks at if trust in news mediums really does matter. The study also compares a sample from USA to Egypt. The study finds that American college students have more trust in traditional news media but use it less than newer forms such as social media. The Egyptian sample has high trust in social media and low trust in traditional news media that are normally under the influence of the Egyptian government. The frame works used are the uses and gratification theory, hostile media effect and the Vanacker and Belmas Model. The study concludes that trust plays a non significant role in where college students choose to get their news from.

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College students -- Attitudes.
Press -- United States -- Influence.
Press -- Egypt -- Influence.
Social media -- United States -- Influence.
Social media -- Egypt -- Influence.
Journalism -- Objectivity.

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