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Master of Science (MS)

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Animal Science

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Crystal Levesque


amino acids, digestibility, metabolizable energy, growth performance, postweaning period, protein source


Alternative ingredients and co-products from ethanol and biofuel industries represent an opportunity for utilization in swine diets. In this context, understanding nutritional value to practical swine feeding begins with product characterization and determination of nutrient digestibility. The objective of this research was to test the hypothesis: yeast-based high-protein DDGS (HP-GDDY) has comparable AA and metabolizable energy (ME) digestibility to feedstuffs commonly used in swine diets and that it could be included as an alternative protein source in nursery diets without negative impact on growth performance. Cornstarch-based diets were formulated using six ingredients as the sole source of AA: spray dried HP-GDDY, ring dried HP-GDDY, conventional DDGS, soybean meal (SBM), enzymatically treated SBM (HP300) and fishmeal (FM) to determine SID of AA (Experiment 1) and ME content (Experiment 2) and to evaluate the growth performance and health status (Experiment 3). The experiment 1 was conducted as a 7×7 Latin square design with 7 collection periods of 7days using seven canulated barrows (25 ± 0.8 kg BW). The SID of all analyzed AA was greater (P < 0.05) in HP300 than in the other protein sources. Among the other ingredients, the SID of AA were generally similar (P > 0.05) in SBM, FM, spray and ring HP-GDDY samples. With respect to the most common first limiting AA (Lysine), the SID was greater (P < 0.05) in spray HP-GDDY than ring HPGDDY and DDGS. In Exp. 2 fecal and urine were collected from 28 barrows (28.8 ± 1.4 kg BW). The ME in SBM, HP300 and FM was similar (P > 0.05) to spray and ring GDDY. In a third experiment, 594 weaned pigs were assigned to pens using a randomized complete block design. Pens were assigned to one of four dietary treatments, replacing a percentage of the main protein sources by HP-GDDY. Dietary treatments had no significant effects (P

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