Arnold Bell

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Master of Science (MS)

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Communication Studies and Theatre


This study analyzed Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March speech to examine the five areas of investigations provided by Kenneth Burke's Dramatistic Pentad Analysis. As a result, this study furnished a fascinating look at Louis Farrakhan's rhetoric for the Million Man March. Farrakhan's rhetoric for the Million Man March was based around the problems affecting the black community. A theoretical background was structured based on Burke's Pentad Analysis. The five elements of investigation created by Burke were the: (1) Act, (2) Scene, (3) Agent, ( 4) Agency and ( 5) Purpose. All of the studied areas of the theoretical background created, provided an in-depth guideline in studying the rhetorical motives of Louis Farrakhan. Of the selected passages from Farrakhan's speech, each passage was deciphered and analyzed for its validity directed toward the black community. Passages were found to have specific motives in addressing the plight of the black male in America. The analysis formulated then examine the rhetorical motives of the sample speech by explaining the complex rhetoric used by Louis Farrakhan.

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Farrakhan, Louis -- Oratory Million Man March (1995 : Washington, D.C.) Rhetoric



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