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Between 1990 and 1994, the number of microbreweries (breweries that produce 15, 000 barrels or less of beer) opening in the United States increased from 51 in 1990, to 161 in 1994. California, with 126 microbreweries as of 1994, has more such establishments than any other state. Although phenomenal growth is associated with the microbrewery industry, much is assumed and little is known about who makes up the microbrewery market and whether microbreweries locate based upon this assumed market. Using census data and a geographic information system (GIS), this thesis identifies significant age, education, and income demographics associated with California microbrewery location at the zip code level. Furthermore, a case-study of the Riverside Brewing Company illustrates the role of a microbrewery in defining the geographic theme of "Place" of the community that it locates.

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