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Perhaps nowhere in America today is a macro cultural landscape being modified as rapidly or as drastically as it is in Biloxi, Mississippi. The legalization of casino gaming and the influx of thousands of tourists has permanently altered the area in myriad ways. A once pristine Southern regional landscape has been transformed into a Las Vegas in microcosm, leaving an indelible human imprint on Biloxi. In this cultural landscape study, the intention is to give an overview of casino gaming as a catalyst of change and landscape modification, as well as to consider the implications of this transformation. Throughout the 300 year history of Biloxi, minimal landscape change has been the common thread of economic enterprises. A unique feature of the area was its ability to use its resources in the most productive and least disruptive manner possible. This standard practice changed when gaming was legalized in 1992. Today, Biloxi stands as a community changed by human activity more so than it ever has been by natural hazard or disaster. Single handedly, in four years, dockside casino gaming has inundated the area with elements integrated most surely from urban areas, so foreign to Biloxi. The city once known for its antebellum historical landmarks now stands tall with neon lit landmarks and flashy flotillas, hallmarks of the gaming industry whose growth does not appear to be slowing.

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Landscape changes -- Mississippi -- Biloxi Human geography -- Mississippi -- Biloxi Gambling -- Mississippi -- Biloxi



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