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Master of Science (MS)

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Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences


The purpose of participating in a self-study teacher research project was to explore my image of the child in relation to my current teaching practice. I sought answers to important questions that I held about my teaching practice and beliefs. In order to answer these questions I reflected on my views through writing a personal narrative, observing my classroom, participating in informal interviews, and reflecting on my teaching through daily journaling. My self-study took place in my classroom of four- and five-year-old preschoolers at First Lutheran Preschool, where I teach two days a week for four hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I reflected on my image of the child and how I have come to view children and their capabilities. I continually reflected on what type of teacher I am, what type of teacher I wanted to become, and examined the consistencies between how I teach and my image of a child.

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Bartels, Kamara L Preschool teaching -- South Dakota -- Brookings Education, Preschool -- Philosophy Reggio Emilia approach (Early childhood education)



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