Natalie Abbey

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences


This study examined three questions: What do parents understand about the SDSU preschool philosophy? How do parents acquire the information that leads to their understanding? How does this understanding or lack of understanding contribute to parents' participation in the program? These questions emerged from my personal wondering about the South Dakota State University Preschool Philosophy and the possibility of similar wondering or questions among the parents of the preschool. To address my questions, I used a survey, interviews and documentation analysis. Further research methods included an inquiry group and personal journal reflections. My findings suggested that parents may understand certain components of the philosophy, but lack an in-depth understanding of how they work together.

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Education, Preschool -- South Dakota -- Brookings Education, Preschool -- Parent participation Early childhood education -- Parent participation Education, Preschool -- Philosophy Early childhood education -- Philosophy



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