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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Dairy Science

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David J. Schingoethe


A study was conducted to evaluate the lactational response of high producing cows to high fat diets which contained increased amounts of ruminally degradable carbohydrate from molasses and dried whey. Forty Holstein cows (28 primiparous and 12 multiparous) were randomly assigned within lactation group to receive diets containing 2% tallow with or without molasses or dried whey wk 4 through 16 postpartum. Cows were fed either control (CONT), fat (FAT), molasses-fat (MFAT), or dried whey-fat (DWFAT) total mixed diets (DM basis) of 25% corn silage, 25% alfalfa hay and 50% concentrate mix. Production of milk (31.9, 33.7, 33.7 and 34.0 kg/d) and 3.5% FCM (31.4, 33.9, 33.0 and 33.4 kg/d) was increased (P

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Dairy cattle -- Feeding and feeds
Oils and fats in animal nutrition
Milk yield




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