Zhuying Li

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Biology and Microbiology


Wheat does not have a gene that can resist different aphid species on itself. I has been reported that potato proteinase inhibitor II is potentially effective protein for the control of these species. One major purpose of this research was to add a modified potato proteinase inhibitor II gene PI-IIK into wheat. Biolistics was employed to shoo he PI-IIK gene into wheat anther calli. The plants regenerated from these bombarded calli were screened for the transgene through PCR. 15 potentially transgenic fertile parts have been identified and further confirmed by semi-nested PCR. and Southen1 hybridization The transgene integration mechanisms were also studied. The results indicated that multiple copies of the transgene were integrated into the genomic DNA. The integration patterns include full length transgene(s) interspersed transgene(s), and rearranged transgenes Agrobacterium proteins might produce T-DNA-type insertion events in heat transformation through biolistics.

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Aphididae Wheat -- Genetics Wheat -- Disease and pest resistance



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