Melita Wilber

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences


This study looked at the prevalence of eating disorders at South Dakota State University. Four hundred and sixty-five incoming traditional first-year students were surveyed using the National Eating Disorders Screening Program Screening Questionnaire. Results showed an overall prevalence rate of eating disorders at 5.2%. Females showed a 8.6% prevalence of bulimia which was significantly higher than the 1.8% prevalence of bulimia found in males. Residency in South Dakota and "hometown" size did not significantly affect prevalence rates. Attitudes placed more students in the maladaptive attitudes/behaviors category than did behaviors. Females showed higher prevalence of unhealthy attitudes than did males. Eating disorders are a problem at this university and in this rural state. Since students came to SDSU with eating disorders and maladaptive attitudes/behaviors, increased awareness and recognition of eating disorders is needed. Further research into effective treatment and prevention of eating disorders is essential.

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