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Sport and recreation has become one of the pillars of American society. Its impact on the landscape is extensive. This study examined that impact in the city of Brookings, South Dakota. By inspecting the locations used for recreation activities, this study has generated a map showing sport and recreation in Brookings. The paper begins with a brief review of geographic research in sport and recreation. Three areas of landscape impact are then studied: specialty areas, public and private areas, and the hidden sports landscape. Conclusions drawn from the data collected show that recreational land use in Brookings has had an extensive impact on the landscape. It was found that seven percent of the land in Brookings is dedicated to sport and recreation. The geographic dispersal of that land reveals that sport and recreation areas usually lie on the outer limits of the city, with the exception of playgrounds and athletic fields associated with schools. These data aid in explaining the larger picture of the importance of sport in American culture.

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