Mingyang Wang

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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Real-time email "Talk" allows the user to simultaneously send or receive information from a remote user. Network and communication protocols make multiple user connection and communication available. Winsock is the lowest level Windows API (Application Program Interface) for TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)/IP (Internet Protocol). It is based on the original Berkeley Sockets API for UNIX and is more flexible than Berkeley Sockets, which hide the implementation at the TCP and IP layers. Although there are many desktop conferencing systems offering application sharing capabilities, most of them are under the UNIX X Windows operation system, which supports mainframes or super workstations. These computers are much more expensive than the personal computers. Windows NT is a new operating system that supports some features from UNIX and can support a personal computer. This operating system is cheaper than UNIX. This paper presents a Winsock application project that emulates real-time e-mail "Talk" of a UNIX system under Windows NT on personal computers. This project is a replicated approach, instead of a centralized approach. It is implemented with Visual C++ in an environment of two NT stations connected on an Ethernet. The principle goal of this paper is to show that personal computers under Windows NT can fulfill real-time email with dynamic participation. Another goal is to show that a new generation computer language such as Visual C++ is more flexible, easier to maintain, and easier to extend. The functionality of our project not only covers the UNIX utility "Talk" but also extends to image transmission.

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South Dakota State University