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Master of Science (MS)

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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are biodegradable polymers that have widespread applications in pharmaceutical and food industry. The high cost of PHA production and extractions has limited its applications. The objective of this study was to use condensed com solubles (CCS), a low value byproduct of com ethanol production, as an inexpensive medium for growth of R. eutropha ATCC 17699 and production of polyhydroxyalkanoates at a reduced cost. This research study was divided into three parts. The fust objective was to develop the low cost CCS as a suitable medium for optimal growth of Ra/stonia eutropha. Various concentrations of the CCS medium (80, 240, 400, and 700g/L wet basis) were tested and compared to the control media (nutrient broth and defined medium). Trials were conducted in 1 L aerated shake flasks (800 ml medium) incubated at 30 deg C, an initial pH of 7, and 250 rpm. 240g/L CCS medium was found to be the optimum medium for growth of R. eutropha. Both the highest cell count (3.23 * 109 cfu/ml) and growth rate (0.29 h-1) in 240g/L CCS medium were significantly different (P

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Biodegradable products.
Distilling industries -- By-products.
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