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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering

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Hamid R. Hamidzadeh


Harmonic forced vibrations of thick viscoelastic cylindrical panels are investigated in this thesis. Two dimensional elasto-dynamic theory is employed to develop the governing equations of motion, and a complex elastic modulus is employed to model viscoelastic damping. The panel end conditions does not allow for the displacements along the tangential direction, only radial displacements are permitted. The surface impedance of the panel is formulated and forced response of the panel subjected to radial and tangential boundary stress is determined. Displacements and stresses in both radial and tangential direction for each normal mode in the panel is computed. This is achieved by utilizing algorithm for Bessel function of complex argument and fractional order. The algorithm is numerically stable for wide range of exciting frequencies, circumferential mode numbers, and loss factors.

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Cylinders -- Vibration -- Mathematical models
Damping (Mechanics) -- Mathematical models




South Dakota State University



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