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Graduate Nursing


This study seeks to examine the disease prevalence incurred by breastfed and formula fed cohorts of infants during their first year of life in the setting of a military health care population. The research questions that will be explored by this study are as follows. I) What relationship does feeding method have with prevalence of infant health problems in the first year of life in this sample population? 2) What health care problems coincide with the infant feeding method during the first year of life in these groups? 3) What is the difference in health care utilization between formula fed vs. partially or totally breastfed infants in a military population? A retrospective chart review was done of 80 medical records of infants who were military health care beneficiaries during their first year of life as a sample of convenience. An ANOV A analysis with post-hoc multiple comparison testing using the Scheffe test via the SPSS software system was performed. An increase in formula intolerance was the only health problem found to be statistically significantly different among the group of infants who were partially breastfed from two weeks to two months of age.

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Breast feeding -- Immunological aspects
Infants -- Health and hygiene
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