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A recent trend in the air cargo express industry Is the re-hubbing of operations at less congested airports in order to alleviate delays. As a result, air cargo volume more than doubled at three Upper Midwest airports In 1994, including Joe Foss Field Sioux Falls South Dakota A land use change analysis was conducted around Joe Foss Field to determine the land use changes that have taken place around the airport since the increased air cargo activity. A geographical analysis across space and time revealed a transformation from Agricultural and Resource land use classification to Light Manufacturing land use and Offices. Institutions. and Services land use classifications. The study utilized aerial photography digital ortho photography and digital land use data from local planning agencies. The findings of the geographical analysis can provide a better understanding of development that surrounds an airport.

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Land use -- South Dakota -- Sioux Falls
Aeronautics, Commercial -- South Dakota -- Sioux Falls -- Freight
Airports -- South Dakota -- Sioux Falls



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