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Glume length is one of the most obvious panicle characteristics. Glumes contribute a significant amount of their assimilates to the filling of spikelets in wheat and barley. Modern oat varieties are usually associated with short glumes. However, there are few reports about the inheritance of glume length. The objectives of this experiment were to determine the genetic pattern of oat glume length and to estimate relationships of glume length with groat length, kernel weight, panicle grain weight, plant height, and heading days. Four local released cultivars with short glumes and three lines with long glumes were used as parents to make five reciprocal and two single crosses. The results showed there were few cytoplasmic effects in most crosses on the inheritance of glume length. Chi-square test indicated the F2 segregation of glume length did not fit one- to three-gene additive-effect model. The inheritance of oat glume length is controlled by 5-7 nuclear loci with additive effects. There were no significant correlations between glume length and tested traits.

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