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Master of Science (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering


An analytical method is presented for determination of vibration characteristics of high speed Double-Segment Compound Rotating disks. More specifically, a systematic approach based on established solution for linear in-plane vibration of each segment and by satisfying the displacement and stresses compatibility is developed. Fixed and free boundary conditions for the compound spinning annular disks are considered to compute natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotating the disks. The medium for each segment is considered to be a homogenous, isotropic and elastic. The developed analytical solution was achieved by implementing two-dimensional plane stress theory. The modal displacements and stresses at both inner and outer boundaries are determined. The dimensionless natural frequencies for different modes, rotating speeds, and thickness ratios are computed. The effect of stiffness changes fc_>r each segment on the natural frequencies and critical speed are also studied.

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Disks, Rotating -- Vibration



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South Dakota State University