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Counseling and Human Development

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Mary Bowne


This study delves into the perceptions of Ghanaian teachers regarding the effectiveness of the bilingual literacy program – Transition to English (T2E) – in addressing the literacy gap at the elementary level. Recognizing the significance of second language acquisition for early-grade learners in multilingual communities, the research focuses on investigating the expectations and sustainability of the program. The study involved in-depth interviews with 11 Ghanaian teachers from three public basic schools who have experience with the T2E and one private school who has no experience. The findings of the study confirmed the pivotal role of the T2E in supporting young English language learners in the literacy development. Teachers emphasized the importance of incorporating the learners’ mother tongue as a mode of instruction, highlighting its positive impact on the acquisition of literacy skills. The results underscored the value of leveraging the students’ native language as a foundation for developing proficiency in a second language, thus fostering a supportive environment for literacy acquisition among young learners. This research sheds light on the significance of adopting a bilingual approach to literacy instruction, particularly in diverse linguistic contexts. The insight gleaned from the teachers’ perspectives contributes to a deeper understanding of the potential of bilingual programs in addressing the literacy needs of early-grade learners in multilingual settings. While the study provides valuable insights into the expectations and sustainability of the program, further research is warranted to explore the long-term impact of the initiative on students’ literacy outcomes and academic achievement.

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Elementary school teachers -- Ghana -- Attitudes.
Literacy programs -- Ghana.
English language -- Study and teaching (Elementary) -- Ghana.
Education, Bilingual -- Ghana.


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