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Dairy Science

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David J. Schingoethe


Two studies were conducted to determine the net energy value for lactation and the ruminal degradability of dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), and amino acids of wet corn distillers grains (WCDG). Twelve lactating Holstein cows, arranged in a repeated cross-over design, were utilized in a complete energy balance study. Total mixed diets contained (DM basis) either 18.4% chopped alfalfa hay (AH), 31.4% corn silage (CS), and 50.2% control concentrate (60.6% corn, 33.6% soybean meal (SBM), and 5.8% vitamins and minerals) or 18.5% AH, 30.9% CS, 19.4% WCDG concentrate (86.8% corn and 13.2% minerals and vitamins) and 31.2% WCDG. Six-week periods consisted of 4 weeks ad libitum diet adaptation followed by 2 weeks restricted intake (95% of ad libitum, week 4). Data were collected the final week of each period. The WCDG diet contained less DM (47.0 vs 68.5%); and (DM basis) more ADF (21.3 vs 16.9%), DF (42.9 vs 28.3%) CP (21.0 vs 18.0%) and ether extract (5.1 vs 3.1 %) than the control diet. Lower (P. l) for both diets. Milk fat (3.85 vs 3.60%) was higher (P

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Dairy cattle -- Feed utilization efficiency
Distillers feeds
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