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Agricultural Extension Service, South Dakota State College

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The Soil Bank is a program designed to help reduce farm production and bring it more in line with consumption. While this adjustment is under way government payments are being made to help maintain net farm income. This circular has been prepared to provide information on the Soil Bank--what it is, how it will operate, and what the general consequences might be. It is not . a publication of program regulations. The regulations are available at county ASC offices. The Soil Bank program involves legal contracts between the ASC and the farmer. It is therefor essential that individual farmers check with their county ASC office to learn exactly how the· Soil Bank program would apply on their own farms. The section of this circular on "Will It Pay to Participate in the Soil Bank" has been designed to help farmers think through and appraise .the several alternatives available to them. Additional space has been .provided, with ,an example, so that a farmer may figure out several alternatives for his farm. It is not possible to consider all the benefits in current dollars and cents with this method. In deciding whether to participate in the Soil Bank other indirect benefits need to be considered. These include price raising effects of controlling production, reduction of risks, and increased fertility of the land placed in the reserve acres. By figuring several alternatives a farmer will be in a better position to choose a contract that will best serve his interest and the interests of the public.

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