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Foods and Nutrition

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Roger Shewmake


The purpose of the slide/tape program "When Should Baby Start Solids?" is to provide information on feeding solids to infants. It is to be used as a teaching tool for parents, students, and professionals. The optimum age to introduce solids is at four to six months of age. The infant's nutritional and developmental needs are to be considered together when introducing solids. The nutritional and developmental guidelines used in the slide program summarize the literature regarding solids introduction. The project includes visual slides, accompanying cassette tape, written narrative with corresponding information on the concepts presented in the slides, and a brochure explaining the objectives and how to use the program. Delaying the introduction of solids until at least four to six months may avoid underfeeding of human milk or formula, avoid potential food allergies, and avoid overfeeding of solids. Introduction of solids before four to six months for most fullterm infants provides no nutritional or developmental advantages to the infant.



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