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Master of Science (MS)


Health and Consumer Sciences

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Kendra Kattelmann


Nutrition, finance, Balanced Budget Bites, COVID-19, food bank, Feeding Brookings


Objective: Balanced Budget Bites was created to educate individuals of Feeding Brookings about different cooking techniques, food safety, meal planning, budgeting, and financial resources in the Brookings, SD area while highlighting lower-cost food items. Participants and Recruitment: The target audience of Balanced Budget Bites were individuals that participated in Feeding Brookings that were recruited for four weeks via a flyer and a posting of the flyer on Feeding Brookings’ Facebook page. Method and Implementation: Participants of Feeding Brookings completed a pre-survey before taking Balanced Budget Bites to assess their skills, confidence, and knowledge related to nutrition and finance. The online curriculum consisted of three learning modules with nutrition and finance videos, activities, and handouts to go along with each module. Participants completed a post-survey at the end of the course, which consisted of the same questions as the pre-survey, to assess their changes in skills, confidence, and knowledge related to nutrition and finance. Results: Statistical analysis of Balanced Budget Bites was not feasible, given only 7 participants completed the online course in its entirety; however, results of Balanced Budget Bites aligned with results of previous studies that used video technology to assess individuals’ confidence, skills, and knowledge of nutrition. Participants of Balanced Budget Bites were able to learn about how to add foods to common items that came in their food boxes from Feeding Brookings to increase the nutrients in meals with limited additional cost. Conclusion: Balanced Budget Bites was a positive experience for members of the Feeding Brookings community. It was created as an online learning curriculum and made available during COVID-19, which has caused increased stress on many Americans.

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