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Objective: The objective of the literature review was to understand and review current research in the area of grocery store interventions to improve purchasing of healthy foods.
: PubMed and web-based searches were done for original research literature that looked at supermarket and grocery store interventions promoting healthy food choices. The literature could include qualitative and quantitative data. Keywords that were used include: “grocery store,” “interventions,” “healthy eating,” “supermarket,” “healthy foods,” “store intervention,” “food retail intervention,” “convenience store.”
The review showed that there are studies on supermarket interventions. Interventions that showed positive outcomes were those that had direct customer benefit, participation, and engagement. These interventions included nutrition education programs that reported improvement in overall diet quality as well as customer satisfaction, a nutrition label education program that had high levels of satisfaction and positive changes in confidence and knowledge regarding nutrition labels, a coupon program that led to an increase in healthy food purchased, and an evaluation of marketing techniques such as placement, promotion, and pricing of products which did indicate its influence in customer purchases.
Many different factors can influence the impact of grocery store interventions. These factors include the location and financial position of the grocery store, the products they choose to purchase, how they choose to display the products, slotting fees, and any promotions they get from distributors. The interventions are also impacted by the customer’s readiness and willingness to make behavior change for any of the nutrition education interventions. Evidence suggests that certain interventions have been shown to improve the healthfulness of purchases for customers as well as increase their knowledge of healthfulness.

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