Incline Treadmill Interval Training: Short vs. Long Bouts and the Effects on Distance Running Performance

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This study compared 6 weeks of incline treadmill interval training (INC) performed on a 10% treadmill grade using either sprint-like efforts or slower, longer bouts. 24 individuals were randomly assigned between 2 groups that each completed 2 INC and one 30-min level-grade sessions∙wk−1. Training intensities, bout durations and the number of intervals per INC session were the velocity associated with VO2max (Vmax), 30 s and 10–14 (INCShort n=12), and 68%Vmax, ~3 min and 4–6 (INCLongn=12), respectively. All 30-min sessions were at 65%Vmax. Pre- and post-testing assessed VO2max; lactate threshold (VLT); running economy; and time-to-exhaustion at various conditions including 80%Vmax and 20% grade (CFMod). Both groups improved significantly in all tests; additionally, INCShort improved significantly more so in VLT and CFMod despite INCLong performing more than 2 times the running each INC session (P<0.05). Mean effect size (ES) of the relative improvement in a majority of tests revealed a trivial to very large ES of INCShort vs. INCLong training (ES range: 0.05–4.05). We conclude sprint-like INC better than slower, longer INC at improving a key determinant of distance running performance (VLT), and better at preparing individuals for running on courses with a variety of grades.

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International Journal of Sports Medicine





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